What is Hytale? Completely New Minecraft-Like Game Coming Soon!

What is Hytale? Completely New Minecraft-Like Game Coming Soon!

Hypixel. Have you ever heard news from them? Probably yes because you are reading this article right now.

So, what is Hytale?

Hytale is a Minecraft-Like game which will be created from Hypixel. Hypixel is the biggest Minecraft server in the history. They have lots of mini games, fun games and more. You can play with your friends for free! Server’s IP address is: hypixel.net

As a result of being best Minecraft server, they decided to create a completely new game; Hytale! Hypixel has BIGGEST team in the Minecraft universe. They tried all plugins, all mods, all methods to make Minecraft a better game. Now, it looks like this was simply not enough for them. They are creating an awesome game, HYTALE!

Hytale will have awesome mini games, big games, multiplayer and single player games inside. Graphics will be awesome and there will be various monsters in game. As you know, in normal Minecraft, there are not much monsters which you can fight. But in Hypixel, we are going to see lots of different monsters and we will be able to fight with them. We will get inside awesome caves, we will discover new places and more! Actually, we are really excited about how Hytale will become after release. Hypixel team didn’t revealed lots of information about game, so all we can do is just imagine, we can’t do anything more than that.

So, we are going to play an awesome game as soon as possible in future. They are working hard and they’re give us some information about incoming game. Let’s wait and see this amazing game!

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