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Multi Theft Auto is a multiplayer modification of the Grand Theft Auto series. MTA adds online multiplayer functionality to the game. You can host a Multi Theft Auto server and play with your friends. You will have full control of the server and change everything as you want and make a difference. You could open your server for the public. People will join and play in your game server where control is in your hands.

If you wonder how hard to have one Multi Theft Auto server. Actually, it is easy to have one with us. Order a gaming VDS or Gaming Panel and worry little because we will be here to help you. We have detailed guides for you. If you don’t understand you could ask us any time. We have been setting up a Multi Theft Auto server for almost five years now. We have a very knowledgeable Multi Theft Auto server support technicians.

How to make a MTA server?

We have two options for you. One of them is that you order a Game Panel with Multi Theft Auto Server. After your order takes a place, we install the game server and give you Game Panel access. You can join your server and start playing. Many general game server settings will be available in your panel. You can change it whenever you want. Changing the game server’s settings is very easy with the Game Panel. We recommend this option for everyone.

The second option requires a little advance server knowledge. Because the option doesn’t offer pre-installation. You order a gaming VDS and install MTA server files. Don’t worry, we have detailed guides on how to do that. If you want to have full access for the game server choose this option. We recommend this option for advance users.

We are in the gaming server hosting business since 2015. We set up many game servers and many times. We are very confident about our knowledge when it comes to a game server. That is why we are providing the best services in the game hosting business. If you are looking for the best MTA server hosting, no look further, you found it.

MTA Gaming Panel

Manage and control your MTA game server from your computer and your mobile phone (we have a mobile app) 

Game panel is for everyone. (Simple To Use and Powerful Interface)

MTA Gaming VDS

If you need more access to your MTA game server, you need Gaming VDS ! It is same as your computer but more powerful.

Gaming VDS is much more customizable.

Do you want more?

More power?

Do you need power? , choose
Premium hardware 
for your game server at the cart.

More Protection?

Are you under attack? , choose
DDoS Protection
for your game server at the cart.

Frequently Asked Questions?

Before ordering a MTA game server you should check these questions and answers…

This is my first time to host a MTA game server, No idea?

We have informational articles about game servers. Also, our game server support technicians are here to help you. Just, open a support ticket. They will reply to your questions ASAP.

Can I earn money from game server hosting?

Yes, It is possible. You can sell game items or VIP packages to your players. Also, some players definitely want to donate your server If they like your servers.

Can I upgrade my MTA server hosting plan?

You bought 30 Slot and 4GB RAM Gaming panel server or only bought 2CPU and 3GB Gaming VDS. Yes, you can upgrade your game server specs by paying new specs price difference.

Do you have MTA Server hosting support?

We have support staffs who are very knowledgeable about MTA and other game servers. If you need support about your game server, you will find a very knowledgable person to help you with your game server.

Can I Install any Plugins/Scripts/Mods into my game server?

Yes, You can. Also, it is very easy to install by using an FTP manager or File manager in your gaming server panel.

MTA server hosting delivery time after purchase?

We deliver the gaming panel server in 15 minutes and the gaming VDS in 45 minutes after purchase (Estimated). We deliver game server hostings 24/7 with automation.

Rent MTA Server

Multi Theft Auto: San Andreas; RolePlay , Freeroam , Drift, Derby, ClanWars
It supports all mods…


Gaming PANEL

Recommend For Beginner User


Ready in 15mins...

  • Pay per SLOT
  • Pay per RAM
  • Multiple Locations
  • Perfect Ping (ms)
  • Unlimited CPU Usage
  • Unlimited Bandwith
  • Gaming Hardware

Gaming VDS

Recommend For Advanced User


Ready in 45mins...

  • Pay per CPU
  • Pay per RAM
  • Pay per RAM
  • Multiple Locations
  • Perfect Ping (ms)
  • Unlimited Bandwith
  • Gaming Hardware

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Why you should choose us?

We are a leading game hosting company. We offer best game server performance and support for our customers.
Your Satisfaction is Our Goal…

Experineced support staff
12 years in business
Easist game panel for servers
Multiple locations for best pings
High Performance At The best Price
Commitment to customer satisfaction
Sponsoring twitch and youtube channels
Supporting gaming communites
We are all gamers too, We know what you want
Our number one priority is your satisfaction
We are easily reachable, via live chat and discord
24/7 Our team is here to help you, just reach us!
RolePlay Supported
Freeroam Supported
Derby Supported
ClanWars Supported

Twitch & Youtube


Our team & Gaming

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